Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sorority Initiation Underwear White


A man found a robin breaded among the thorns and captured him, saying:" What a beauty, taking it home with me and let me spit. " To which the robin told him: "How well would you do with my little body fat meal minute! If, however, set me free, in return I will tell you three maxims of great value. " "Yes, yes, - said the man - but first tell me the best and then let you go." How can I trust? Let's do this: I say the first maximum while still holding me. If you like, let me go and I fly around on that branch, where I tell you the second highest, and where you can also reach me with a jump.
Then I will fly on top of the tree, and I'll tell them the third largest. So it was agreed el'uccellino began: "Do not ever complain about what you lost, so is useless." "Well, - said the man - I like it", and delivered to the branch near the robin said the second maxim: "Never give it for granted that you could not see for themselves."
After that, the robin flew, and cried as she reaches the top of the tree between the trills: "Men's silly and stupid! My body is hidden in a bracelet all of gold, studded with diamonds and rubies. If you had open at this hour you'd be a rich man. "
To which the man, in despair, threw himself on the ground and tore his clothes, shouting: "Dear me: in exchange for a maximum of three have lost a wonderful treasure! How stupid, why did I listen to the robin! Why this silly exchange for only three top .... But wait! Hey robin: I've only told two;
at least tell me the third! "And the robin said," foolish man, three times a fool I've even said as the first maximum do not complain for what you lost, so it is useless . And here you are on the ground to complain. Then I said
to never take for granted what you could not see for themselves, and that is that you believe in what I said without having the slightest evidence. Do you think that perhaps my little body can hold a large cuff? If you do not use the first two maxims, how can you expect to have a third? "It flew away.

The words of this story made me reflect on what the man is innocent, you know how to read between the lines, never trust appearances, better to rely on our intellect!
If you hear the words of Robin understand how much is wasted breath at times with the wrong people.
We should not pretend that our party gives the same weight that we give to the words .... would we be the first naive! Peppy


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